New Generation of the E-Scooters

The idea of the e-scooter came across in October 2019. It all has started with the vintage red frame, that was given away by our friends and partners from Nuthill(link). Originally the scooter was designed for a very unusual purpose – to set a Guinness World Record. In the June of 2019, a brave and determined man from Russia went on a long and uneasy journey on the scooter from Yekaterinburg to Dubai (link). After the record has been successfully set, the frame still looked like new and it was ready to serve for new accomplishments.


First steps...

            Since then, the long journey involving sleepless nights and countless tests & experiments has begun. The project of E-Scooter has started from adding an electrical kit to the frame (kind of like bike electrification). After that, the tests and try-outs have begun. Through personal experience, other things were also introduced to the scooter.           

            First came in the back mirror. Normally, after a few days of using the vehicle for more than just one short ride once a week, it turned out that having the ability to control what is happening behind is essential for safety matters.

            The next thing that turned out to be missing is the suspension system. The ride was very shaky, there was a lack of control and uncomfortableness while riding around the city. Road imperfections, side-walks, off-roads – all these things just make you want a suspension system to make the ride smooth and comfortable, and that’s how suspension system was introduced to the prototype.

Along the way of adding new elements, testing and gaining valuable personal experience wasn’t stopping.

Where are we now

            After long trials and personal experience, we were ready to move forward and start working on the visual part of the vehicle.

            First things first, we of course had to work on the design. While working on the design we couldn’t for a second forget about the most important things such as safety and comfort.

            After the design was developed we have started finding the technical solutions to bring the design to life.

            At the moment we are testing different materials and techniques to make our scooter not only technically capable but also visually attractive!

Stay tuned for the following updates!