What ÖkoMotion has to offer

Bike Electrification

ÖkoMotion offers an affordable solution to get the electrical bike for those who have a regular bike in possession.

We offer this service in 3 configurations and the price depends on the desired battery and DC motor capacity:

  • Standard electrification
  • Advanced electrification
  • Custom electrification
Click Details in order to get to know more about the process of modifying your regular bicycle or Order to purchase the service. 

NextGen Electrical scooter

ÖkoMotion develops the next generation of electrical scooters for cost-effective, convenient, and eco-friendly commute in the city.

In ÖkoMotion we believe that this kind of vehicle is the future of in-city communication. Forget about overcrowded public transport or annoying traffic jam. Explore new paths and enjoy beautiful views of the city while safely and conveniently reaching your destinations.

Click Details to get to know about the history and development process of the NextGen e-scooter or PreOrder to be one of the first people in Estonia to receive the vehicle of the future

Electric Chopper

ÖkoMotion offers a luxury product for those who want to stand out of the crowd riding magnificent electric vehicle.

For those who like electric bikes but not quite happy with their capacity and alike design, we have an exclusive offer — Electric Chopper. Big, furious, and powerful are the best words to describe this beauty on the wheels. Nevertheless, comfortable and eye-catching.

Click Details to get to know more about the development process of this beast or PreOrder to become an exclusive owner of this magnificent vehicle in the foreseeable future.

Charging Station

ÖkoMotion seen new problems with ifrastructure. Just lack of it.

We offer simple soluton! Charging station with solar roof.

Our solution can  help:

  • City administration


  • Building developers


  • Rental services