Charging station from ÖkoMotion

We are ÖkoMotion technical company who working in GreenTech sector! 

Light electrical transport comes in our life so fast and we get new problems and challenges to resolve it.


City Administration

Lack of infrastructure

Scooters are disorganized and located randomly all around the town

Generating additional energy

Motivation carbon neutral vehicle

Rental service

Lack of infrastructure

Batteries has to be charged in order to make scooters available 24/7

Stealing (a lot of scooter’s engines and batteries are being stolen)

End users

Private owners: 

Lack of infrastructure (where to park, charge, maintain)

Rental service users:

Unorganized localization of the scooters

Very often in the pick hours or evenings scooters are discharged and therefore useless


Martem AS

Our field of activity is development and implementation of telecontrol systems for supervising and controlling electrical distribution networks. We provide SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software solutions and equipment for control centres, substations and switching points. Martem continuously develops better telecontrol devices and software to ensure that our customers are provided with the latest high quality products.

Our clients are electrical distribution companies, industrial and transport companies who own local electrical networks. The biggest customers are Eesti Energia, Eestonian Railways, VKG Elektrivõrgud, Imatra Elekter, Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts and Latvenergo.

Vergine OÜ

Vergine OÜ started its activities in the metal market in 2005. The main field of activity of our company is the production of various mechanical parts, mechanical constructions, crane beams and electro-mechanical parts for the metal industry.

The total area of ​​our production facilities is over 4000 m2. All of the workshops are heated to ensure the smooth and orderly work of electronics and welding and other production processes.

We have a variety of cranes and forklifts that can be used to lift and move objects up to 20 tons. The width of the entrance and exit gates is 5.5 meters.

Volta EDM

Volta EDM has been working on metalworking and cnc machines for more than five years with related engineering developments.


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